Nashville Code User Group Leadership


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Nashville Code User Group Leadership

Welcome to the meta user group for code focused user group leaders to meet, share initiatives, and in general support each other. We are open to any organizer of an initiative based in Nashville that focuses on growing, supporting and teaching the developer community.

Currently we meet once a quarter with occasional one-off meetings in between scheduled as needed. To get on the mailing list for specifics please apply to the Google Group here: NCUSGL. Additionally, you may join our group on to keep up-to-date with our quarterly meetings.

List of Groups


Javascript xTreme

Data Science Nashville

ID of Nashville

NashDev Breakfast

Nashdiggity Hacknight

IRC ( #hacknocoast

Nashville AWS

IRC ( #nawsug

Nashville Brigade
IRC ( #nashbrigade

Nashville Girl Geek Dinner

NashDL (Nashville Dynamic Languages)
IRC ( #nashdl

NashDL (Nashville Dynamic Languages) Book Club

NashDotNet (Nashville .NET User Group)

NashFP (Nashville Functional Programmers)
IRC ( #nashfp

NashFSharp - The Nashville F# Group

IRC ( #nashjs

IRC ( #nashkell

Nashville Linux Users Group

Nashville Java
IRC ( #nashjug

NashMicro (Nashville Microcontrollers Users' Group)

Nashville Mobile Development User Group

Nashville MongoDB User Group

Nashville PHP
IRC ( #nashvillephp

Nash.rb: Nashville Ruby Meetup

Nashville Rails for Beginners Meetup

Nashville Women Programmers

Nashville Wordpress

Nashville Xamarin Mobile C# User Group

IRC ( #pynash

The Nashville Windows Azure Users Group

Vim User Group
IRC ( #nashvillevim

Nashville Emacs Users Group
IRC ( #nashville-emacs

Nashville Lisp Sync
IRC ( #nashlisp


The Code Cooperative

IRC ( #coderfaire

IRC ( #hacknashville

IRC ( #phreaknic

IRC ( #pytn

IRC ( #nodevember